Industrial Building Construction Services in Dhaka

Mistry Tech is a leading construction company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Our highly skilled architects ensure industrial construction services. We value every inch of your land and make the best use of it by building your industrial site as you required. When a project is taken, we can help make the plans a reality. Mistry Tech ensures that the processes run efficiently.

We ensure safety 100% at any construction site and also use reliable materials. Mistry Tech can ensure you 100% quality work for any kind of industrial construction work because we believe in quality rather than quantity. We have experience of working for two years in different places in Dhaka.

Are you Looking for the best industrial construction company in Bangladesh?

With the huge competition of the world, Mistry Tech is bringing to you technological-based industrial construction services.

We provide self-dependent construction activities in our industrial sites. We have all the modern equipment for our construction site which are imported from a foreign country. It is our pride that our Mistry Tech technical team is very highly skilled.

Mistry Tech is a famous construction firm in Bangladesh with quality residential, industrial, and residential reworking construction for clients and businesses across Dhaka.

Mistry Tech knows that construction isn’t about the building, it’s about taking time to concentrate and perceive our clients’ ideas, budgets, and planning desires. We tend to be worth the boldness of our shoppers and promise to be your guide throughout the whole construction method.

industrial construction company in Bangladesh
Why Choose Mistry Tech

Why Choose Mistry Tech?

  • Mistry Tech helps to solve the difficulty.
  • We took all responsibilities within a contract.
  • We take responsibility for everything like drawing sheets, plans, and other related tasks.
  • We look at everything in our own way and execute the plan properly.
  • We have all modern and high-tech equipment & technology for industrial construction.
  • We have all skilled and experienced engineers and workers.

Our working method

Let Mistry Tech help you build an even more successful business. Mistry Tech follows a process where you can see the difference from others-



Planning is the first and most important thing for starting any project work. Mistry Tech makes an effective plan before starting a project.

Issues like scheduling, budgeting, site safety, and delivery of quality materials are very important to run a project professionally. Mistry Tech is aware of the general public and also compliance with national standards.

Provide Solution for Any Problem

Understanding your business and project needs are primary. We are determined to add value to your construction projects.

We have experienced and associated engineering, we also have a comprehensive range of services to provide complete solutions to your projects on time, on budget, safely, and to meet your requirements.

Provide Solution for Any Problem
Project Assessment

Project Assessment

Right from the beginning of any project, Mistry Tech can help by making a project assessment. SGS can calculate construction value and risk assessment and management studies.

Materials We Are Using

Mistry Tech provides the right materials and also chemical and physical testing of the durability of materials and materials certification. For example, We can tell you about the product standard that we are using.

Materials We Are Using
Know Your Asset

Know Your Asset

Mistry Tech uses the asset management system to help you keep track of machines and other assets.

Plus if you are buying or selling machinery, we can suggest new and used products for saving money.


SGS can even handle all your waste management and inspection requirements. SGS helps as long as your building or infrastructure is completed.



SGS can even handle all your waste management and inspection requirements. SGS helps as long as your building or infrastructure is completed.

  • Dutch Bangla Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • Electrical Contractor License ABC Category & Supervisory License.
  • BEPZA Membership License
  • Bangladesh Association of Construction Industry
  • Abul Khair Group
  • Jamuna Group