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Formosa Poly Cotton Textiles (BD) Limited

Our strong infrastructure facilities and sophisticated technologies facilitate coordination in our work Processes. We have total faith in our diligent and disciplined team of professionals & experts who have helped us in supplying world-class products with timely delivery. We are very much keen to extend our business relation with your valued company and would appreciate receiving any query you have regarding Products. Mutual benefit business relationships and long term commitment are two of the main pillars of our principle.

Our Approach: We Strongly Believe that our success is defined by our quality. We will Provide the buyer unique opportunity to avail GSP Advantage in European, Canadian duty and quota-free as will local Quota facility in the US Market. Also, we provide OEKO TEX Certificate.

Quality & Price: Our product quality is ensured with the practice of advanced technology and inclination toward meeting our Buyer’s satisfaction with competitive price.

Commitment: Our commitment to quality has empowered us to ensure an efficient working environment within our organization.

Dependability: Our just in time merchandising and shipment along with our advanced production technology assures our buyers to depend on us. We have a very well expert merchandiser to handle all kinds of orders received from the customers.

Quality Assurance: Our product quality is assured in every step of our operation, i.e., from sourcing till packaging the products. Our advanced management and production teams along with our well-trained QC’ S assures the best quality of our Fabrics.

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Formosa Poly Cotton Textiles Limited
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Formosa Poly Cotton Textiles Limited

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