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NZ Group is one of the most established group of companies in Bangladesh. The companies under NZ Group primarily operate under the RMG sector of Bangladesh. The organization initiated as a small family business (CA Knitwear) of a knit apparel manufacturing company in 1987. Over the years of development, it has evolved rapidly to compete as one of the most advanced group of companies in the RMG industry.

NZ Group is entirely family owned and employs over 10,000 workers. With a vertically integrated setup, the incorporation of advanced technology and a proficient management team, NZ Group is emerging strongly as one of the most recognized companies in the country. Looking ahead, the company is focusing more towards the end customer.

NZ Group has recently taken a step to diversify itself by entering the logistics industry - by establishing a freight company. With NZ Group's growing success, it plans to diversify into more prosperous industries in the near future.

NZ Group has one of the most dedicated and skilled workforces in the country. They are committed to working in a sustainable work environment with expertise and enthusiasm. They work passionately to deliver the best output according to company values.

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NZ Group
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NZ Group

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