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Mistry Tech offers stunning exterior design services in Dhaka, Bangladesh. With excellent craftsmanship and the ability to structure visions onto homes, we design remarkable exterior. We specialize in designing the exterior for your residential or commercial buildings such as duplex, triplex, apartments, corporate office, and so on. Our services are available throughout Bangladesh.

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Our Residential Exterior Designs Services

Best Duplex House Exterior Design
Triplex House Exterior Design

Duplex House Exterior Design

They say it’s the inside of the house that counts, but your exterior style tells a story too. Our spectacular designs will allow you to stand out from others. We design various looks such as Royal, Pretty, Elegant, and a lot more depending on your vision.

Triplex House Exterior Design

Nothing can replace the comfort of being in your home. Why not make your living space more fashionable? Our exterior designs will speak on your behalf, a true reflection of standard. With our fine aristocracy, we make your house look ravishing.

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Villa Exterior Design

Living in the luxury of a villa is a statement itself, we boost up your exterior appeal to confine beauty all around you. Our fine-work of detailed craftsmanship will add a touch of aesthetic to your villa.

Apartment Exterior Design

Building an apartment and looking for stylings? We have an entire collection of eye-catching themes to give your apartment the look you are looking for. Hire us and take advantage of our wonderful exterior design ideas. Get Expert Advice and view our catalog.

Our Commercial Exterior Design Services

Buying House Exterior Design

Buying house exterior designs are a bit complicated than others, but we handle it accordingly. Using tactical methods to tackle any difficulties, our expert designers utilize art to make your buying house design unique. Let your stylish appearance compliment your work.

Corporate Office Exterior Design

Need to give your corporate office a professional look? We can make it happen. With quality materials, our talented designers create appealing exterior designs that fit your branding name and color. Contact us and take your business to the next level.

Retail Store Exterior Design

Owning a retail store but not attracting enough customers can be really annoying. Let us design your shopfront with an inviting atmosphere that attracts consumers to your shop. With proper design ideas such as lighting and decoration, we will assure your shopfront captivates attention.

Commercial Shopping Complex Exterior Design

An iconic shopping complex requires an iconic exterior design to seek the attention of customers. This is where we come in with our top-grade material and skilled aristocracy. We create and design spectacular architecture to meet the demands of the modern fashion world.

What Makes The House Beautiful

Sentiment, vision, and comfort are key elements in designing a home meant to be cherished after years and years. Adding a touch of beauty in the structure of a home is an art and we are the artists. The walls of your home are our canvas where we paint your visions and make it warmly welcoming. Want to add a modern look or more of a vintage appearance? we have it all.

Let’s Design Your Exterior. Talk to us for your dream home design.

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Our exterior design ideas are extraordinary. But don’t forget about the interior design! When both of these come together, they play a sensational role in appeal.

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