Steel Structure Designer and Fabrication Provider in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Steel Structure Designer and Fabrication Provider in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Mistry Tech offers steel structure design services in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Our talented designers give you quality steel structure designs that meet your specific requirements.

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Steel Structure Design Services

Steel Structure Design
Design of Steel Structure

Steel Structure for Building

Production of Steel-framed structures and steel buildings consists of the construction of its foundations, columns, beams and floor systems. Steel structure buildings get some extra advantages over other construction materials

Container Homes

Container homes are getting popular around the world including Bangladesh for many reasons. Mistry Tech makes container homes that fulfill your requirements and offers higher usability. Our experts in the field of container homes ensure durable homes for you.

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Steel Fabrication

Mistry Tech offers steel fabrication services that include all types of fabrication and steel components. We provide quality materials along with outstanding fabrication services. Our fabrication engineers will take care of implementing your dreams by providing you with excellent fabrication service.

Metal Frame Staircase

A metal staircase can be a very good option for your home or commercial property. We give you strong and durable staircases with a sleek design. Our staircase creates an awesome appearance that matches with the overall interior design of your house.

Advantages of Steel Structures

Two types of forces are widely discussed in the field of construction: 1) compression and 2) tension. Steel structures are stronger in tension, which means, it performs better against tensile forces. You can deform steel in any shape that meets your design requirements without losing its sturdiness. Because steel is ductile in nature. High strength in the weight ratio gives steel extra advantage. The construction rate is faster with steel compared to other construction materials. The ability to be recycled gives steel an environmental appeal that most construction materials don’t have.

Steel Frame

Using a steel frame in your building or other structure makes it very sturdy and durable. The structure gets stronger to face various forces including natural forces like disasters. We provide you with a quality steel frame with a suitable design that strengthens your whole property.

If your structure needs some extension, steel comes with flexibility. You can extend your structure if you need to do so in the future. Steel takes a smaller space to provide a certain amount of strength. Steel structures are more cost-effective in comparison with most other construction materials when it comes to performance. We can fabricate steel easily at our factory and assemble it on your site in a short time. It enhances the efficiency of construction process.

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