Container Home Interior Design

Container Home Interior Design Service in Dhaka, Bangladesh

What is a Container Home?

Container homes are homes that are made with steel containers. Most container homes are made with steel shipping containers that we see carrying goods in ships.

Why You Should Consider a Container Home:

Container Home Interior Design
Design of Container Home Interior

It Takes Shorter Time:

Container Homes require an incredibly shorter time for planning, designing, building, and installing. If you are looking for a home within a short time, you can obviously consider a container home.

Movable Homes:

Most of the works of your container home can be done at the factory. Then we take it to your selected place and install it in the foundation. You can move this container home anywhere with an appropriate vehicle and set up elsewhere with minimal efforts.

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Affordable Cost:

In most cases, container homes are budget-friendlier than other types of homes. Most of the works of such a home are done in the factory. Such homes are sold at an affordable fixed price. However, the total cost may vary depending on some factors like delivery to the site, site preparation, assembly, foundation and utility connections.

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Environmental Appeal:

Container homes are recyclable and this characteristic attracts conscious people across the world. Every year, so many containers in the world become ‘out of service’ and the container home industry has grown to re-use them.

Why You Need a Foundation:

A foundation is sometimes mandatory for building container homes. Because, the ground moves (rise, sink or slide) slightly in the course of time. This slow movement, even being unnoticeable, can affect your container home how level it is. So you cannot skip a foundation while building your complex container home.

But if your container home is of single unit, you can certainly skip a foundation and place it on any level, dry surface.

Foundation Options For Container Homes:

Foundation Options For Container Homes:
  • Pier Foundation
  • Pile Foundation
  • Slab Foundation
  • Strip Foundation

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